Material Handling in Stores



Material handling involves unloading, stacking , loading and transportation of the material.

Loading/ unloading:
While receiving the material they need to be unloaded from the carrying vehicles like trucks and wagons. Once the items are unloaded they need to be placed in a proper manner so as to ensure proper storage as well as ease of further handling which is known as stacking. While the material need to be transported the same needs to be loaded back on the carrying

vehicles like trucks and wagons. While loading and unloading of material the precaution is to be taken so as to ensure that no damage or loss occur to the material being handled, to other material/properties in the vicinity or to the people.


Internal Transportation:
Internal transportation involves the process of shifting the material from the point of
unloading to the place of actual storage in stores and also from the stores to the point of actual use of materials.

Material handling equipments:

These comprises of articular trailers, revolving cranes, fowlers, fork lifts of various carrying / lifting capacities.
Contractual handling,
Manual loading / unloading , shifting, stacking, sorting , opening of bags, sewing, restitching, sampling etc. are managed through contract labors.

Material Issue & Accounting :


Material collection by user departments
Material required for use in the department are collected from Stores by the user department against a n Issue note.

Delivery to user department by Stores :

Materials are also delivered to the user departments by the Stores themselves. The items required regularly in the plant for production/ operation like non

ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, heavy chemicals etc are shifted daily by stores to the user department at the predetermined rate given by the user for which consolidated issue notes are given by the user departments. Materials are also shifted on specific requirement ( like heavy spares) of user department , by the Stores department directly or through the material handling contractor.

Authorization & release of materials:

To ensure the issue of the materials to the correct user in correct quantity there is a system of releasing the items for issue. The central agencies responsible for the procurement of the particular item releases the item in specific quantity to various users. For example Stock control releases the AP item for issue , SPC(Spare parts cell) releases the spare parts and so on. However the items directly procured by the user department is issued to them without any specific release from a releasing agency.

Issue Notes & Gate Pass :

Material is issued from Stores to the actual users against a document called Material Issue Note or Stores Issue voucher. Only Authorized persons can raise/ authorize the Issue notes for drawing the material from Stores.

Stores issues the materials to the user department against the issue notes after scrutinizing the same & updates the bin card by posting the issue transaction. After the issue of materials these issue notes are sent to Accounts for issue accounting.


To ensure the secured material movement   the system of moving the items against the Gate pass issued by the Stores depot exists..

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