Software on Stores Functioning

The software on Stores functioning can be applied as a integrated Computerised document processing system for material receiving functions such as registration, clearing inspection and preparing for acceptance or rejection of incoming consignments. Besides, it can be used as monitoring, follow up, update & query and Management information system for a Receiving bay.

It is extremely useful for speedy processing of documents and thereby in increasing overall efficiency of the Receiving system where activities and document processing go together.

The important features of the software are :

(A) The software integrates the different stages that complete a standard receiving process such as :


  • Registration of an incoming consignment
  • Issuing Goods received intimation for inspection
  • Generating Goods Receipt Note
  • Status of Transportation
  • Lodging of Claims on discrepancy

The system also provides an extensive on-screen updating and query mechanism for all the above functions.

(B) Some major Reports (outputs), on-screen as well as in print form , give:

  • Total GRNs raised in a period
  • Pending inspection consignments
  • Goods in Transit report
  • List of all recorded suppliers (Vendors) with addresses

(C) Follow up action produce :

Reminder to indentor for carrying out inspection

(D) Analysis of data :

  • Number of Inspections cleared
  • Average Inspection lead time
  • Purchasing Software  Inventory Management Software