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www.materialsmanagement.in ,an exclusive site on Materials Management, has been created and designed keeping in view the needs of the undergraduate , post graduate students and teachers and those seeking a career in Materials Management besides the already practicing managers and professionals of Materials Management, working in any sized firm located either in the domain of the Private sector or the Public sector, across the world.

More importantly, we expect business institutes , colleges and universities , worldwide, to make use of this site to promote international traineeships for the students.

However, since the site describes at length, all the topics included in Materials Management today viz. Procurement, Inventory , Stores Management etc. the firms dealing in any of these aspects often find this site suitable for their firm's advertisement.

We typically accept advertisements as per the following specifications:

Placement type:
In-stream Video
Creative format:
Video (in-stream / overlay)
88x31 (Micro Bar)
240x400 (Vertical Rectangle)
120x60 (Button 2)
250x250 (Square Pop-Up)
120x90 (Button 1)
300x100 (3:1 Rectangle)
120x240 (Vertical Banner)
300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
120x600 (Skyscraper)
300x600 (Half Page Ad)
125x125 (Square Button)
336x280 (Large Rectangle)
160x600 (Wide Skyscraper)
468x60 (Full Banner)
180x150 (Rectangle)
720x300 (Pop-Under)
200x200 (Small Square)
728x90 (Leaderboard)
234x60 (Half Banner)


Advertisement rates are accepted based on the offers made by the willing advertisers. However, the rate starts  from a minimum of  $50 per month ,just for displaying the ad.