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In course of entering into and managing, a contract produces many documents that capture series of activities and their time of occurrence. A good Contract management software shall be one that helps in:

  • Preparing and issuing a contract (Purchase)
  • Administering contracts from award to completion
  • Expediting delivery by helping in follow up
  • Recording fully the incoming materials
  • Ensuring passage of material through inspection
  • Handing over the material to the indentor for use



Our software has the following features :


1. The software integrates the different stages that complete a standard procurement process, that is :

  • Registration of a Material / Service requisition in the MM department
  • Issuing of Tender Enquiry (Request For Quotation)
  • Placement of Order
  • Follow up with supplier for deliveries
  • Updating of incoming materials' details etc.

The system also provides an extensive on-screen updating and query mechanism for all the above functions.



2. Various Reports (outputs), on-screen as well as in print form, give:


  • A Requisition's current status in the process flow
  • Current status of all the requisitions raised by a department
  • Pending action lists
  • List of all recorded suppliers (Vendors) with full addresses
3. Follow up action produce :
  • Order intimation to the vendor
  • Advance reminder to the vendors to stick to the delivery schedule
  • Post reminders to expedite delivery
4. Analysis of contract / purchasing data :
  • Total Lead time analysis
  • Work load analysis
  • Requisition distribution
  • Order distribution
  • Order values in a given period of time





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